Sunday, October 18, 2015

debate about smartphone overuse?

I'm not sure what sparked this, maybe just too much coffee? I felt like the audio of my awesomely strange brother messing with one of my nephews glued to his smartphone deserved animating. Animated on wacom hybrid tablet on the really fun Rough Animator app. Tontonton.


I was hired to create whiteboard animation not so long ago, which can be a bore. Rather than the typical cycle of a hand that draws on illustration to the next (snooooore...),  oh sorry, I decided to push for some cell work to be included as well. The client loved the idea, so the project expanded. I always aim to push the boundaries of clients expectations even further, rather than just deliver what is initially desired by the client, this was a fun example. And, bonus I finally got to animate meatloaf run over by a lawnmower.

obligatory demo reel

2014 Demo Reel:

2014 REEL from beaux latham on Vimeo.